Los Angeles, California
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Hollywood (photo: Flickr by craig1black)

It is definitely worth to walk along the most famous esplanades of Hollywood, like the Mulholland Drive, the Sunset Boulevard and on the Hollywood Boulevard.

Star of Chuck Norris in Hollywood Boulevard
Star of Chuck Norris in Hollywood Boulevard (photo: Flickr by ianmcburnie)

The Sunset Boulevard is flanked by sparkling shops, hotels, elegant restaurants, night clubs and various pleasure-grounds. More film studios are in the area too. Its popular clubs are the Roxy Club, The House of Blues, the Roxbury Club, the Viper Room and the swarm main square of the Sunset Plaza.

Highland Center, Hollywood
Highland Center, Hollywood (photo: Flickr by LouisL)

The Mulholland Drive is one of the most beautiful panoramic roads of Los Angeles, which connects North-Hollywood to Malibu. There's a fantastic sight opening up from the road, which marches through the ridge of the Santa Monica Mountain.

Mulholland Drive, Hollywood
Mulholland Drive, Hollywood (photo: Flickr by citron_smurf)

Probably the most famous esplanade of Los Angeles is the Hollywood Boulevard. The HOLLYWOOD sign, the symbol of Los Angeles, is placed on the Hollywood Hills, just beside the boulevard. The main attraction of the promenade is the Walk of Fame. This part of the road is decorated by the hand and footprints of the most famous movie actors. It's advised to visit the Mann's Theatre and the El Captain Theatre, where always the latest movies are on show. The Hollywood Bowl is just around the block. It is a huge music and concert center; many people come here throughout the year. The Farmers Market is also found in this neighborhood. There are popular cafeterias, restaurants and different shops here.

Sign and footprint of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Walk of Fame
Sign and footprint of Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Walk of Fame (photo: Flickr by Deve82)

The Universal City lies west from Hollywood. It is the home of the huge movie factory, the Universal Studios. We may also find an amusement park here to, equipped with the scenery of the earlier movies. There are three dimensional movie-theatres, the scenery of Water world, Terminator 2 and the Mummy. The entertainment between the sceneries is unforgettable. We can buy souvenirs from Hollywood in its shops or eat Californian dishes in its restaurants.

Universal City
Universal City (photo: Flickr by Clinton Steeds)
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