Los Angeles, California
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Beverly Hills

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Probably the most famous district of Los Angeles is Beverly Hills, or the Golden Triangle, how the locals call it.

Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills (photo: Flickr by insk0r)

The district is the home of the wealthiest people. Its streets are flanked by villas and palaces. There are elegant shops on the two of its main streets, Rodeo Drive and the Wilshire Boulevard. They - Gucci, Versace and Christian Dior for example - offer the latest and most expensive models of the world of fashion. It's worth to visit the sensational Hollywood Actor's Home, which introduces the visitors to the life of the actors. The Museum of Television and Radio has got the materials of nearly one hundred-thousand TV and radio programs.

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills (photo: Flickr by Nitro101)
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